800 BC

Pure and poor. Lamassi. Her lover is a smuggler, and she is a ‘Nin Dingir’, ‘a noble duty performed by selected noblewoman‘ she describes her job to her daughter. A prostitute. Her soul is aware that this doesn’t seem right, although it is considered holy in Hittites. Not well educated, yet her heart is full of goodwill.


Lamassi’s journey has been an intuitive one rather than didactic. Her character appeared through my vision of the author’s words. There is a Hittite tablet written by a holy prostitute, talking about her smuggler husband (Yılmaz, 2017), yet there has been limited information about who Lamassi is. Therefore Lamassi is from my imagination. 

Her heart is full of temper; she is careful, emotional. Even all the difficulties she has been facing, she surrenders. She is scared for her daughter; she can differentiate the good and the bad. Yet she accepts these events as a part of her destiny.

Mesopotamian goddess of sex and fertility, in Hittites (Schulz, 2010). The complexity of morality. All she wanted was to love, to have a family.