I, Anatolia

I, Anatolia is a short theatrical film by Feride Morçay, and supervised by Dr. Elif Iskender as an MA Independent Research Project of Rose Brufod College of Theatre and Performance Arts.

I, Anatolia is an adaptation of Turkish play Ben Anadolu written by Güngör Dilmen and translated by Talat S. Halman as I, Anatolia. The play gives voice to Anatolian women from mythological ages through history down the present times. The original Turkish version of the play consists of 32 characters which were narrowed down to 16 Characters in the English version.

In this version, the characters are narrowed down to eight:

  • Kibele: Anatolian goddess of Hittites from a timeless place
  • Puduhepa: The Queen of the Hittites in 1300 BC
  • Lamassi: a smuggler and prostitute of Hittites in 800 BC
  • Anna Komnena: Byzantium princess and historian 1083-1130
  • Nasrettin Hodja’s wife: A humoristic storyteller from 13th century Ottoman Empire
  • Nigâr Hanım: First Muslim woman Poet from Ottoman Empire 1856-1918
  • Halide Edip: Novelist and member of the parliament from the fell of Ottomans and the rise of The Turkish Republic 1884-1964
  • Feride Morçay: Actress 1994 – present



The short film is 43 minutes long, and it is available by special request only.