1300 BC

The Hittites (1600-1180 BCE). Kadesh War. The Queen of Peace.

Her focus is on convincing her daughter to marry Ramses after the battle of Kadesh, to bring peace to her homeland Hattushash, the Hittite Empire and Egypt.

For peace, she is ready to sacrifice her emotional satisfaction in life as well as her daughters. She buried her heart-break, and she stands firm. It’s more complicated than it looks.

Her focus can be read through her physiology, inner physiology and the way she speaks (Iskender, 2020). Responsibility of being a queen, for humanity she believes in.


Her focus of marrying her daughter to Ramses II for peace affects her inner physiology more than the outer. She is noble; her body language is subtle and controlled. Her eyes and voice give away more than her body. 

Omnius battle of Kadesh. Blood. First peace treaty Kadesh Agreement, written on Hittite Tablets, signed by Puduhepa 1274 BC (Silver, 2010).

Her heart hurts deep inside as she had to sacrifice her daughter’s happiness. Yet her logical side convinces her that this is what her country needs for the sake of peace. She chooses to be a mother for her country, which requires this brutal decision.